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how to enter flow state - the guide

How To Enter Flow State? The Ultimate Quick-Start Guide

by Maria Kwiatkowska

Do you remember the last time you found yourself easily dropping into deep focus and maintaining it, being fully submerged in your current project? 

Suddenly, you gain this superpower of working extremely efficiently, without any obstacles standing in your way. Without realising it, your mind and your body synch up, concentrating entirely on completing the goal of your task, creating the synergy that allows you to bring your performance to the next level. 

the image symbolises our focus when we enter flow state

What I find particularly interesting about the flow state, which is the proper name of this phenomenon, is that people can actually experience it in pretty much any activity.

I mean, think about it…

Have you ever been so involved with the plot of the novel you were reading that you didn’t even notice the passage of time or didn’t hear when someone was talking to you?

Maybe you experienced flow while learning a new skill, and using it required all your brainpower? Learning how to play a new instrument, do yoga, surf the wave, speak a new language etc.

Have you ever concentrated on a specific action to the point that you were sticking out your tongue like a toddler doodling a colourful drawing?

When was the last time you were wrinkling your forehead and massaging your temples, directing all your creative energy and focus on writing an essay, solving a mathematic equation, memorising a dance routine, finding a solution to a complex issue at work, and so on?

It feels pretty liberating and exhilarating to be in the zone, to switch off the usual mental chatter and move from friction into the flow, doesn’t it? It’s super satisfying to approach a challenging task, do your best, work hard to complete it, and succeed. It’s even better when everything seems to fall into its place, and we deeply engage in the task itself. There’s no question about it. There are, however, many questions you might be asking yourself when the situation takes a 180° turn.

What to do when everything seems to fall apart? How to manage your thoughts when:
  • you tend to lose focus when working?
  • you’re stuck in a rut, struggling with brain fog?
  • you’ve tried out different productivity hacks, and they just don’t work on you…

how to enter flow when we cannot focus at work, when we're bored or stuck in a rut

What if I told you that you can use the flow state to your advantage
at work, at school, with your business and, more generally, in your life? 

No matter how much you study this topic and read about it, nothing comes close to getting your hands dirty and trying it out in practice. That’s usually the most challenging part. Don’t worry, though – we would never leave you high and dry!

If you’re searching for a solution, look no further! We’ve been cooking something very special for you…

How To Enter Flow State? The Ultimate Quick-Start Guide

how to enter flow state - the ultimate quick-start guide

This Guide was designed by our team to help you:

unleash your full potential by harnessing the power of flow state

upgrade the quality of your performance

boost productivity, creativity and concentration

expand self-awareness 

increase overall wellbeing

Now, before you think: “Umm, how is all that possible exactly? Are creativity, productivity and happiness even remotely related?” let me clarify any doubts and mention one important detail:

This Guide is, in fact, the final element of the 3-PART series up on our blog, all dedicated to explaining the significance of flow state and how come it holds such an incredible potential! 

These articles serve as a perfect introduction to this guide. So make sure to give them a read and get a good sense of what creativity is, its link to productivity and how entering flow state can change your life:

PART 1: “3 Simple Ways How Creativity Leads To Productivity” 

PART 2: “What Is Flow State? Everything You Need To Know” 

The Ultimate Quick-Start Guide has been created to serve as a tool to make the flow state more accessible for you!

In the Guide, we walk you through the process of getting into flow, the right mindset and creating an optimal flow-friendly environment. I also share practical tips from my experience, tangible tools and systems enabling you to enter flow state. 

Take your performance to a whole new level today:

How To Enter Flow State? The Ultimate Quick-Start Guide

Invest in your growth.

Boost your productivity.

Increase your workflow.

Tap into the infinite pool of your creative energy and simply enjoy!

embark on the journey of personal development and learn how to enter flow state


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