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The Best Books to Boost Productivity | Top 5 Productivity Books

Hey, there productive people! I want to help you out today. I love a good non-fiction read and I want to share something with you.

There have been books that have transformed me from the inside out in one read. I know, I know. It’s a romanticized thought that reading about another person’s progress would rub off on us somehow through their words on a page. But listen. 

Guess what, there are people who have lived a life ahead of us and made all of the mistakes and we get to learn from them!

Many books have left a lasting impact on me, and today I want to share with you my top 5 Books to Boost Productivity!

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Top 5 Books to Boost Productivity

#5 Getting Things Done | David Allen

Getting Things Done is a hyper practical book that has come out with an expanded edition since its release. Though it definitely is not the most exciting read of my life, the tools that it provides are by far some of the most helpful principles that I have come across. From the inbox to the to-do processes, this book can really revolutionize the way you look at your day at work. 

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#4 The Power of Moments | Chip & Dan Heath

Though not technically centered around productivity, this business book walks through how MOMENTS lead to meaningful interactions with those you come in contact with. Reading this book brought me to notice how those meaningful moments affected my workday and productivity levels.

I realized that my humanity thrives off of moments with others. I am extroverted, and I pursued a more meaningful work-day while still getting done what I needed to.  The concepts from this book helped me learn how to weave these moments into my day and bring meaning to the little tasks.

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#3   7 Habits of Highly Effective People | Stephen R. Covey

This highly renowned book is a must-have for any productivity nerds bookshelf. We all have heard quote after quote from Covey on YouTube Videos, Blog posts, and talk shows.  If you haven’t read our Core Values yet please check them out here. As I read this book it really aligned with my values and gave me a push to be more intentional with defining my why for working and looking for the best in every situation.

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#2 Atomic Habits | James Clear

Atomic Habits was a game-changer for me personally. This was the first book that I read on productivity and it helped me to redefine the need for productivity in life. I felt as though this book comes at productivity through a different and more specified point of view. Talking about habits and how to capitalize on those we already have is a great starting point for people who feel that procrastination consumes them.

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#1 High-Performance Habits | Brendon Burchard

My #1 choice of productivity book is High-Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. Burchard is a certified High-Performance Productivity, and in fact, he really created this form of coaching through years of research and experience. This book will walk you through the six key habits to begin to redefine your life. I found these extremely specific and definable. 

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