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One Time Passion Systems Assessment

Meet with me for an introduction call to assess where you are currently struggling in the areas of productivity and passion definition.

My key areas of expertise:

→ Defining your “why” and creating vision
→ Establishing clarity surrounding goals and project planning
→ Establishing Productivity Systems
→ How to Organize your personal and professional schedules
→ Overall Time Management and Goal Setting

If you want more than one phone call or you’re looking for more accountability and coaching, take a look at the other package below.

$50  |  30 Minute Assessment  |  Zoom

Julia C. | Santa Clara CA
"Whenever I meet with Cassie I want to immediately get my whole life together and take the first step to achieve a scary goal. She knows exactly the right questions to ask to help you realize what you are passionate about. Cassie is always asking about who the close people in my life are, the hobbies I have, and how those could potentially be career opportunities, all just because she wants to see me grow. Our coaching sessions, her book, and even the Dwen-Day Instagram posts are always encouraging and challenging."
Angel H. | San Jose, CA
"Cassie taught me to make a list of what needs to get done, to complete a couple of tasks, and take a break before taking on the next couple of tasks. When I was cleaning my space at home and frustrated with my surroundings, she helped me learn to keep items that I use most and then items that bring me joy. If they don’t fit either of those categories, they need to go so my space isn’t cluttered. She helped me look at organization differently, and it eased my anxiety and helped me get more done."
Shannon C. | Cupertino, CA
"Cassie is a wonderful mentor, she has helped me in many ways than I can even count. I’ve always had trouble goal planning and being productive but Cassie made the first steps so easy. I felt like my goals were actually attainable, they did not seem so out of reach. Now I am not only able to reach my goals but I am consistently making decisions that point me towards my goals. I am so thankful to Cassie and all her help. "
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1-on-1 Passion Systems Coaching

Are you ready to create passion centered productivity? This coaching program is ideal for highly driven individuals who desire to make a difference and see progress toward their goals. You may need guidance for the “How” and assistance to define you “Why”, but you hold an innate  sense of purpose for your life.

Are you ready to turn your “someday ideas” into action steps for today?

Coaching Package Includes:

→ Weekly 60-minute coaching calls
→ Weekly growth strategies/worksheets for you to implement!
→ Full access to my brain, contact me via Slack Monday-Friday with any questions you may have


$997 per Month  | 3 Month Committment

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