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Cassie Sitting on a purple stair case

Cassie Rose – CEO and Founder of Dwen-Day LLC

Hi! My name is Cassie Rose. I’m 23 years old and I have been born and raised in the Bay Area. This fast paced environment that tends to drive some people crazy makes me feel alive and revitalized!

I am in love with creating systems with a purpose 😍 My heart’s desire is to provide women with practical tools to make room in their lives for what they love. This mean helping you create systems that empower you and give you time to grow and focus on what feeds your soul!

I love creating — anything and everything. Whether it’s written content, public speaking , or music I just enjoy bringing a positive and challenging message into the world that can give people something not only to think about, but to act on.

In addition to my work with Dwen-Day, I work at a large church in the Bay Area as the Head of Database Administration and Assistant Pastor of a satellite campus. I love being with people as much as possible because I believe that relationships are what change people’s lives.

Maria Kwiatkowska – Head Blog Writer

Hi everyone! I’m Maria, I’m from Poland, and I’m a psychology student. 

As a creative content writer and a future therapist, my greatest dream is to support other wonderful humans in reaching their full potential in professional and personal life through prioritising passion, productivity and self-care. I deeply believe that investing in the exhilarating (and at times scary) adventure that is the journey of self-development is the best gift you can give to yourself!

My main activity is expanding knowledge on mindfulness, yoga & meditation, as well as creativity, flow state, and positive psychology. On the blog, you can find many useful tools derived from these practices that enable you to balance your workflow with enjoying the simple pleasures of daily life! In my free time, you can most likely find me either:

a.  curled up on a sofa and crocheting a chunky sweater


b. traveling different countries and exploring the wonders of the natural world!

coming soon, tag, soon

Cat – Graphics Designer and Social Media Manager

Info coming soon 🙂

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I want to help you create systems that produce passion in your life. I can help you move from “Someday-Maybe” living those dreams, to living them today!  — Cassie Rose


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